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Taylor library interior with Reference bookshelf, 1956
Interior photo of public library in Taylor Center, Michigan. Shows card catalog, staff desk, table and chairs, wall with glass block windows, and book shelves. Some book shelves are labelled: pocket books, (indistinct), Westerns, Biography, New…

Library photo with Young People book shelf
Black and white photograph of inside of public library in Taylor Center area, Michigan. Shows a card catalog, tables and chairs, 2 staff desks, several book shelves, a featured book shelf labelled Young People, and display boards that say "This is…

Taylor Center library 12-55
Black and white photograph of the inside of the public library in Taylor Center area, Michigan. At the desk in the center distance, a lady on one side is helping a boy on the other, possibly checking out books. Background includes books on shelves,…

Arch rend Tayl lib 2 photo.jpg
Black and white photograph by Lens Art Photographers of Detroit, Michigan, of artist's rendering of "Taylor Public Library No. 2 Taylor, Michigan". Artist's rendering was done by Volk & London Architects Inc. View is of the proposed library building…

Richard J Trolley Library, front view
Photograph, with caption, of the front of the Richard J. Trolley Library, Taylor, Michigan. Photo was used in a wall display in the Taylor Community Library.

Teen crowd in library
Photograph of a group of teens in winter coats standing near a desk and a door in the Taylor Center Branch Library. Some are holding books. On the back are the FC Rogers stamp (see Creator field), and the words: " Taylor Center Branch Library…

Girls studying
A group of teenage girls sits and stands around a study table in front of a bookshelf, in the Taylor Center Branch Library, Taylor, Michigan. Photo was used in a wall display at the Taylor Community Library. Photo is loosely mounted on blue paper,…

Trolley library interior, Taylor, Michigan
Black and white photograph taken inside the Richard J Trolley Library in Taylor, Michigan, showing people near shelves of books, study tables in use, and the center skylight and chandelier.

Pioneer Day Photo Display
6 photos of library visitors and historical reenactors mounted on 2 pieces of white poster board.

Architect's sketch of library, Taylor, Michigan
An artist's rendering of the Alexander Papp Library on Goddard Road west of Telegraph Road in Taylor, Michigan black ink on white paper.
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