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Library photo with Young People book shelf
Black and white photograph of inside of public library in Taylor Center area, Michigan. Shows a card catalog, tables and chairs, 2 staff desks, several book shelves, a featured book shelf labelled Young People, and display boards that say "This is…

Taylor Center Branch Library, girls reading
Black and white photograph: 2 girls sit at wooden desks next to a bookshelf in the library. The girls are both looking at books; both are wearing winter gear and have coats on their chair backs. On the back of the photograph are typed Taylor Center…

Taylor Center Library (exterior), 1929
Black and white photograph of front view of library building in Taylor Center (also Taylor Township) now City of Taylor), Michigan, taken in 1929. Note on back gives identification: "Taylor Center 1929".

Taylor Center Library (interior) , 1929
Interior wall, with window, seat, and 2 bookshelves with books and what could be magazines. Note on back in pencil says: "Taylor Center, July 1929"

Taylor Center library 12-55
Black and white photograph of the inside of the public library in Taylor Center area, Michigan. At the desk in the center distance, a lady on one side is helping a boy on the other, possibly checking out books. Background includes books on shelves,…

Front view photo of Koth' s General Store, advertising among other things Wayne County Library Service; 2 women and a child stand in front of the store, as well as a black truck that says Detroit Public Library Wayne County Service on the side (book…

Photo Boys w books 1953.jpg
Several young teen boys sit on a library couch reading various print items, in front of a window, with a couple more boys standing by. A book shelf is in the back right. On the back of the photo are typed Taylor Center Branch Library and the date…

Taylor Center truck with children with books
Black and white photograph, Note on the back says Taylor Center. Possibly 1947 Travelling Taylor Library from Wayne County, stopping in Dearborn, present-day Dearborn Hts, and Taylor area on a two week cycle.

Taylor Library (exterior #1), 1923
Small black and white photograph. View of the library, neighboring buildings, and street, from a distance across the street in winter. Taylor Center area, now the City of Taylor, Wayne County, Michigan.

Taylor library interior with Reference bookshelf, 1956
Interior photo of public library in Taylor Center, Michigan. Shows card catalog, staff desk, table and chairs, wall with glass block windows, and book shelves. Some book shelves are labelled: pocket books, (indistinct), Westerns, Biography, New…
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