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AFB TB list w cat #s.pdf
List of American Foundation for the Blind talking book catalogue with catalogue numbers. Used used by the Books for the Adult Blind project to list available titles and to account for replacement discs needed by member distributing libraries.

to Trax ltr p1 8.27.1940.pdf
Fragment, on carbon paper, of a letter to Harland Trax, describing library service users, their ages and general reading habits, and formats they use. Starts to ask for novels "which are up-to-date and have the American scene".

Cover letter for list, February 25, 1941
Letter from Robert Voorhus, Director of the Books for the Adult Blind project, Washington, to Mrs Lacey, Librarian, Department for the Blind, Wayne County Library on Trumbull in Detroit, Michigan. Letter introduces a memorandum from April, 1940…
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