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AFB TB list w cat #s.pdf
List of American Foundation for the Blind talking book catalogue with catalogue numbers. Used used by the Books for the Adult Blind project to list available titles and to account for replacement discs needed by member distributing libraries.

Cover letter for list, February 25, 1941
Letter from Robert Voorhus, Director of the Books for the Adult Blind project, Washington, to Mrs Lacey, Librarian, Department for the Blind, Wayne County Library on Trumbull in Detroit, Michigan. Letter introduces a memorandum from April, 1940…

APH listing of Books for the Adult Blind
Typed listing of books put out by the American Printing House for the Blind. List has red pencil ruling out some titles. At the top of page 1, in red pencil, are the words 'These titles not distributed by (underlined) Books for the Adult Blind'. …

15 machns 6.4.1938.pdf
Form of agreement stipulating terms for use and distribution of Talking Book machines sent for blind residents of Wayne County, Michigan, from Washington, D. C. via New York

Robts Strohm ltr 5.24.1938.pdf
Letter that accompanied an agreement for Talking Book machines from the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C., to Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan

Handicap Allowance. Irwin.pdf
Printed pamphlet explaining the resources offered blind people at the time of printing; the needs of blind or visually challenged people; and the ways that various levels of government do provide and could provide for meeting these needs. Includes a…

Irwin Davis ltr 7.19.1934.pdf
Letter to Mrs Davis of the Wayne County Library for the Blind from Robert B. Irwin, Executive Director of the American Foundation for the Blind, explaining progress in developing a machine to play Talking Books on vinyl records. Letter accompanies…

Adv Com TM 6.12.1934.pdf
Meeting notes summarize a discussion and a demonstration by Mr. E R Harris' Readophone, being considered for use as with Talking Books (records) for the blind. Record size and sound reproducing principles were considered

Moon system card... (1).tiff
Card containing the raised signs of the Moon System which people can read using their fingers. Signs include letters, a few words, numerals in New Style and Old Style, and guide lines. Card was printed and published by the National Institute for the…

TBC mtg 4.17.1934.pdf
Notes on the discussion by the Talking Book Committee, covering subjects such as payment for talking book machines, delivery to the main library location, places they might be publicized and placed, and groups that might help publicize.
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