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AFB TB list w cat #s.pdf
List of American Foundation for the Blind talking book catalogue with catalogue numbers. Used used by the Books for the Adult Blind project to list available titles and to account for replacement discs needed by member distributing libraries.

Supplies ltr 3.1.1940.pdf
A letter from R B Irwin to Mrs. Grace D. Lacey, at the Department of the Blind with the Wayne County Library in Detroit, Michigan. Mr Irwin describes Talking Book containers and record envelopes being sent, which will be used for mailing Talking…

2 machns 9.7.1939.pdf
Agreement between Dr Putnam and Mr Strohm for the distribution in Wayne County, Michigan, of 2 Talking Book machines, as part of Project, Books for the Adult Blind by the Library of Congress

The Talking Book reads itself to the BLIND
Printed booklet explaining Talking Books and the Talking Book machine distributed by the Library of Congress for the use of adult blind people in the United States.

Robts Strohm ltr 5.24.1938.pdf
Letter that accompanied an agreement for Talking Book machines from the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C., to Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan

machine agreemt 5.15.1936.pdf
Agreement and conditions for the use of 74 Talking Book machines sent by the Library of Congress to Adam Strohm, Librarian, at the Distributing Library in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan via New York. Conditions include choosing blind adults to use…
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